Oba St. Clair


This story was made possible by Dale Kirn's interest in a mystery airplane. Dale was employed by Roy Cox and saw an airplane in the model shop being repaired. (It was Oba's and had suffered damage during shipping and court proceedings.)

He couldn't get anyone to tell him about the airplane, so he copied the address from the shipping crate before it was sent back to Oba St. Clair after the trial. Dale called Oba and Oba told him the story. Next, Dale did some research in the court records and obtained more information.

His wrote to the Smithsonian Institute, in September 1969, outlining Oba's story and suggesting they consider putting the Miss Shirley airplane in the museum. The assistant director of aeronautics, Louis S. Casey, checked with the AMA, who verified Kirn's story, and they accepted the airplane in a letter to Kirn dated October 1, 1970.

The airplane is still in Oba's workshop, hanging on the wall. Oba never sent the airplane because the engine cowl, wheel pants and engine drive connectors were stolen from his garage.

Information about Oba St. Clair is taken from two articles that appeared in Model Builder magazine’s November and December 1981 issues. The articles were written by Charles Mackey and Dale Kirn. Charles Mackey submitted the information to the AMA History Program.